29th St. plans progress

The city of Del Mar is working on plans to improve 29th Street west of Camino Del Mar, including installing a sidewalk along the southern edge of the street and striping parking spots along the northern edge, where cars currently park in the dirt.

The proposal is part of Southern California Edison’s wetlands restoration project to provide beach access on both the north and south sides of the San Dieguito River mouth - the last leg of the Coast to Crest Trail.

Two residents expressed safety concerns about such a narrow road having nose-in parking at the Dec. 15 City Council meeting. They said they’d prefer the street to be left as is, or at least restrict cars to parallel parking, which is more consistent with the rest of neighborhood.

The street will be significantly narrowed once a fence along the adjacent property to the north is relocated five feet toward the street, which will cause cars to stick further into the roadway. During the planning process it was discovered the fence was five feet away from the property line.

The city council sent the project back for further review and the staff hopes to bring a revised project to the council in January.