7/11 down to nine options for school reconfiguration

The 7/11 committee members are looking to whittle their nine best use of surplus space options down to four or five to present to the Del Mar Union School District Board on Dec. 9.

The committee met on Nov. 4 to try to come to a consensus on the proposals but has to continue its discussion at a later meeting.

Of its nine options, six do not include closing a school. Closing Del Mar Hills factors into two proposals; closing Ashley Falls is considered in one.

Here are the nine proposals the 7/11 committee are considering:

  • Option A: Move district office to Torrey Hills, maintenance to Del Mar Hills, create K-2 program at Del Mar Hills, 3-6 program at Del Mar Heights, preschool and employee child care to Del Mar Hills.
  • Option B: Close Del Mar Hills and replace with district office, preschool and maintenance.
  • Option C: Keep all schools open, place preschool at Sycamore Ridge, district offices at Del Mar Hills, maintenance at Torrey Hills.
  • Option D: Reconfigure Del Mar Hills to K-3 and Del Mar Heights to 4-6, preschool and employee child care to Sycamore, technology to Ashley Falls, maintenance to Torrey Hills or buy property in Sorrento Valley.
  • Option E: Keep all schools open, maintenance at Del Mar Hills, child care at Torrey Hills, employee child care and preschool at Sycamore, district offices at Ashley Falls.
  • Option F: Keep all schools open, district office at Carmel Del Mar, maintenance at Del Mar Hills, child care at Ashley Falls, employee child care and preschool at Sycamore.
  • Option G: Keep all schools open, build new building for district offices at Torrey Hills site for district office, maintenance and preschool/child care.
  • Option H: Close Ashley Falls and replace with district office and preschool/child care. Maintenance to Del Mar Hills.
  • Option I: Consolidate Del Mar Hills and Del Mar Heights into single school. Use Del Mar Hills for district office and maintenance. Preschool/child care to Sycamore.

Supporting materials for all options can be found at