A fond farewell to Del Mar

On June 29 I will be retiring from Union Bank in Del Mar after almost 17 years of serving this wonderful community. I figured that I have spent more time in Del Mar than I have at home.

I’ll never forget my first day on the job in 1995. Standing on the back landing of the bank, looking at the Pacific and thinking that I am the luckiest banker in the world to be here. I still feel this way as I end my career in Del Mar.

I truly felt like the small town banker of times gone by. I saw children grow, go to college, get married and then have their children. I helped my friends (hard to call them clients) with their aging parents’ banking needs. I was here to help with the passing of a parent, spouse or friend. I felt their sorrow because I, too, lost a friend. The chair at my desk was for anyone who wanted to stop by to say “Hi.” I heard stories of themselves, trips taken, family updates and new grandkids. Of course, I shared stories of my sons and their families. Somewhere in between stories we got to banking needs. I was particularly close to the business community as they worked hard each day to make a go of their dream business in Del Mar. I often told them they had more courage than most to be a small business owner with all the ups and downs.

Over the years I had the opportunity to be involved, first with the Chamber and then the Del Mar Village Association. I have met so many wonderful people through my community involvement. I admire the dedication of the residents, who work through so many community organizations, to make their Del Mar a better place.

I’m not riding off into the sunset as that would be tough with the ocean so close. I’m just finishing one chapter in my life and beginning another. I’ll surely see many friends here again. It is my hope that I helped in some small way to make our Del Mar a better place.

Until we meet again

Walt Beerle