A heart for the community is needed — voice your support for One Paseo

I’m a 14-year Carmel Valley resident, one whose views are not represented by the author of the letter to the editor (March 22, “One Paseo Undecided . . .”). I am not undecided. My husband and I, friends and neighbors are very much decided. We want One Paseo, its main street and the amenities it will bring to our community. We want the much-needed traffic solutions One Paseo will provide. And we want an alternative to the only option in Carmel Valley, which is Del Mar Highlands. Granted, its recent improvements have enhanced the center, but it remains simply a strip mall.

If, like my husband and myself, you too want more shopping and dining options, a safe and attractive gathering spot for families, more open space and community benefits — created by a company known for quality and sustainable building practices with offices right here on Valley Centre Drive, I urge you to get involved today. Write to the Carmel Valley Planning Board, the San Diego Planning Commission, Councilwoman Lightner and Mayor Faulconer and let them know it’s time for Carmel Valley to step out of the shadows of Del Mar. We need our own town center, our own character.

I don’t think the opposition represents the desires of the majority of the community. I believe the majority of Carmel Valley’s residents are decided. We’ve decided we want One Paseo, we want a heart for our community. Please don’t sit back and think other like-minded residents will voice your wishes. Voice them yourself rather than possibly letting a very vocal minority decide this community’s fate.

Cynthia Dial

Carmel Valley