A heartfelt thanks


Dear Solana Beach,

When word spread I was leaving the Sun to attend Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, I did not anticipate the outpouring of kind words and wishes that flooded in from the community. I am overwhelmed. Knowing I have your support helps buoy my confidence in myself and my ability to succeed in the challenges that lie ahead. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I could not have asked for a better first job covering this beautiful beach town and the interesting people who live and work here. It has been a pleasure getting to know you and share your stories these past three years. Thank you for your trust and participation.

Most of all, thank you for making me feel a part of this community - not just as your local reporter, but as a neighbor. I will treasure the experiences and friendships I have made here. Solana Beach became my home, it is now a part of who I am, and I will take that with me wherever I go.

I’ll write from New York,


Editor’s note: Laura Petersen came to work for the Solana Beach Sun three years ago as an intern out of UCSD’s journalism program. She was quickly hired on as a reporter and has worked tirelessly ever since, keeping the community informed and upholding the highest standards of journalism. We wish her the best of luck at Columbia and wherever her passions and talent take her. We thank her for her years of hard work and her significant part in making the Sun what it is today.