A new chapter: Library reopens with bright new look

After being closed for six weeks for renovations, the Rancho Santa Fe Library re-opened on Monday.

While a temporary library operated out of the library guild offices below, people had been anxious to get back into the main library - there were lots of “looky-loos” knocking on the doors and peeking through the windows, said Caryl Andrews, branch manager.

“I think it went wonderfully,” Andrews said of the completed project. “Everything happened within the timeline.”

The library interiors have been freshly painted with the walls, bookshelves and shutter all a bright white, matching the blossoming trees outside the windows. The painting came courtesy of a grant from San Diego County Supervisor Bill Horn.

During the renovation, a company from Boston was taxed with the huge undertaking of removing, storing and eventually returning the 80,000 books the library owns.

“We’re just so pleased,” said Wynne Weiss, the north area supervisor of the San Diego County Libraries. “Everything looks so nice.”

New and improved

No one was perhaps more pleased with the renovations than the youth librarians. The back area of the library, reserved for the youngsters, was completely transformed.

Now the space is much more open with computer desks set up in the middle, new computers new furniture, bookshelves and rugs. There are big beanbag chairs and one table has a chessboard painted on top with red chairs to match.

The teens also got a more separate, secluded space instead of being crammed in the middle where they were before.

More to come

Most of the new furniture was moved in over the weekend but some still is yet to come. There will be a sofa in one corner to create a cozy reading nook and new tables and chairs in the teen room.

“We just really needed this little revamp,” said youth librarian Laurie Knodle. “It’s very exciting.”

Children have really been excited to get back in the library Knodle said. Many come right after school to participate in the library’s many after-school programs like Wii-playing, crafts and readings. The children even have a convenient back door entrance.

“Best friends always come in through the back door,” Knodle said.

To celebrate the new look, the library will host a customer appreciation day and open house on Feb. 27, from 12-4 p.m. The event will include crafts, activities and live entertainment. For more information,