A story of football, friendship

One local man has decided to capitalize on the fact that this is a nation is always ready for some football. Beyond targeting those who devote hours to watching games on TV Sundays, Wade Lindenberger took aim at the folks that obsessively check their fantasy football stats online.

He’s one of them after all.

Lindenberger, along with his fantasy football league and work partner Mike Ford got together to write “Brotherhood of the Pigskin,” a book that fictionalizes their 20 years of fantasy football experience.

The book follows the adventures of Buckeye Bob, a perennial fantasy loser, who just might get it together this season with a team of ragtag veterans and an unproven rookie quarterback.

The two will host a book signing at Carmel Valley’s Barnes & Noble Bookstore on Saturday, Jan. 31 from 3 to 5 p.m.

Fantastic voyage

Lindenberger, the head of corporate governance at RoseRyan, is a native San Diegan and lifelong Chargers fan. Last year his team SmashMouth won the fantasy championship with the explosive combination of New England Patriots Tom Brady and Randy Moss.

Brady’s bum knee doomed his team this year, a feeling many fantasy owners can sympathize with in this injury-plagued season.

Ford, who lives in Fletcher Hills and is an executive manager at RoseRyan, is originally from Cleveland, which explains his leanings toward the Browns.

Their fantasy roots began 20 years ago at the accounting firm where they both worked.

Back then, fantasy football was a much different animal than it is today, without all the benefits of technology like the Internet, e-mail and instantly updated game-time stats.

Back then, they had to wait for the Monday paper to check box scores, fax starting lineups and devise their own scoring system.

One can probably imagine the kind of calculation controversies that occurred with a bunch of accountants in the league, Lindenberger said.

The ‘closet writer’

The pair started work on their book about five years ago by writing about their group of friends and how the football season brought them together.

“Wade’s a closet writer,” Ford said. He explained how he’d spit out ideas, Lindenberger would write them up and they’d e-mail suggestions and edits back and forth.

Personality traits and the fantasy stylings of their buddies have found their way into the book’s characters: The homer, the wild card who’ll draft back to back tight ends, the guy who goes with all the “old guys,” the risk-taker who picks up all rookie talent.

“The best part for me was that we had a lot of fun in the creative process, sitting together and brainstorming,” Lindenberger said of working with his pigskin kin.

So far they have had a great response to the book, zeroing in on 1,000 books sold.

Ford thinks the book is so entertaining that it could become a movie someday, feeling the market is ripe for it.

“Thirty million people play fantasy football and the other half want to know why,” he said.

The book is available for purchase at Barnes & Noble,


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