A sweet, little (big) Halloween Carnival in Solana Beach


halloween-graphicForty years of fall ‘FUNdraising’ in Solana Beach

After 40-some years, the legacy of a sweet, little Halloween carnival (see box at right) still draws generations of families who not only attend, but also volunteer. This big volunteer outreach (parents, teachers, and staff) between sister schools, Solana Vista and Skyline Elementary School is an invisible force.

These examples of solidarity in a neighborhood, which brings back the children who have fond memories of fun, who then become parents choosing to buy their homes and raise families here, is a proven formula of success. It is their children with the new-excited faces attending as students and begging for more money so they can win that yummy cake at the ever-popular Cake Walk or buy tickets for Mrs. Harrah’s Haunted Mansion, they become the ones who maintain this tradition.

The faithful local merchants and vendors, which support the food concessions, raffle and auctions for the Halloween Carnival are to be commended in these nervous times. They are part of the wheel that keeps turning with the reputation of this particular fundraising event, which in turn keeps the program called the “wheel” present in the Solana Beach school district.

This wheel is known as the school’s enrichment programs, which requires three dedicated fundraising events yearly, spearheaded by the Solana Beach Foundation for Learning, a nonprofit organization that again, is comprised of volunteers who are professionals and parents.

The enrichment programs are science, technology, art and physical education. In the “old days,” state funds paid for these subjects. No longer. To cover the gap and still receive a whole education in the public system, parents, teachers, staff and community come together in philanthropic spirit to fulfill this need.

At the end of the day, those sweet little faces remind parents/volunteers of why they work for free and why they want to leave this world a better place. If for one day, parents dress up with their kids in fantasy and have fun with them while teaching volunteerism in a sweet little Halloween carnival—that is the FUN in fundraising.


A Halloween Carnival, fundraiser and costume contest will be held Sunday, Oct. 24, from 11 a.m.-4 p.m. at Solana Vista School in Solana Beach (780 Santa Victoria, Solana Beach, CA 92075;