Abartis Chemical Company offers effective treatment program for the restoration of abscisic acid in plants, especially the Canary Island Date Palm

By Kristina Houck

Living in snowy Minnesota, Alfred Alyeshmerni dreamed of living in a sunny paradise. He finally got the chance when he landed a job in San Diego.

“I came to Southern California because of these palms,” said Alyeshmerni, who moved to San Diego in 1978. “I love these palms.”

Equipped with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and inspired by his love of palm trees, Alyeshmerni eventually decided to leave the laboratory. Founded in 1989, Abartis Chemical Company has pioneered a number of cutting-edge treatments for plants.

With a background in science, Alyeshmerni designed and refined an effective and economical treatment program for the restoration of abscisic acid in plants, especially the Canary Island Date Palm.

The treatment has proven to be most effective in palms affected with Fusarium disease, a fungus found in plants. Symptoms include wilting, premature leaf drop, browning of the vascular system, rotting, stunting and damping-off. Infected pruning tools, poor soil and other environmental stressors may infect palms with the disease.

“I’ve really dedicated most of my time in trying to save those palms,” said Alyeshmerni, who noted “abartis” means healthy and strong in Greek. “I was determined to find a solution.”

Alyeshmerni has focused on reviving palms in the San Diego region and throughout the state for nearly two decades, since developing the long-lasting treatment program in 1996. Initially, he developed the product and sold it to farmers. Today, he mostly works with professional tree care associations, landscapers and homeowners.

“Nothing is as great as watching customers so happy when their palms turn around,” he said.

The Rancho Santa Fe-based company offers free onsite evaluations. To request an evaluation, call 858-472-2003 or 800-243-6476, or email

“I love to help people get their tropical paradise,” Alyeshmerni said. “They spend a lot of time and money and build this beautiful palm, but don’t know how to care for it. We can turn it around and make it look like the tropical paradise that they dreamed of.”

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