Academy hosts a field day


Kindergarten through sixth-grade students from the Del Mar Hills Academy of Arts & Sciences, known as “The Hills,” had fun during the school’s Spirit Day.

“The smiles say it all,” said PTA President Vanessa Black.

Children participated in six different relays: spoon/ping pong ball relay, potato sack relay, “water balloon” toss” with Nerf balls instead of water balloons, Hula-Hoop/jump rope stations, dress up clothes relay, and an old-fashioned relay. Students worked in multi-age groups to complete the races, which helped them learn to work together as a group and school community.

The Sept. 30 event ended with a schoolwide popsicle party. Teachers Mrs. Farricker, Mrs. Sullins and Mrs Wilson organized the fun, with the help of parent volunteers.

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  • Elaine Delgadillo,

Del Mar Hills Academy