Rant With Randi: Actions should have consequences


If you read my last article, I discussed the 2015 “Party trend” that involves kids storming to residential homes without an invite, bringing alcohol and having no respect for authority when told to leave. After reading recent headlines and watching the news, I feel moved to write about the bigger issue going on today: People in general have no respect for authority. Even if you don’t follow the news regularly, you would still know that policemen are getting shot and killed for absolutely no reason. There are the officers in Hattiesburg Mississippi, the recent “officer” killing in Illinois and the “execution style” shooting of a sheriff’s deputy when he was simply putting gas in his patrol car. These events are sickening and unnecessary.

A shining example of our lack of respect is the story about the football players from San Antonio Texas, who attacked the referee. This wasn’t just a verbal attack; it was two defensive players delivering a blind side hit to back of referee, Robert Watts. It’s one of the most violent things I’ve ever seen in football, in fact ever. Before the play, the two boys are facing the ref, whose back is to them. The first player runs full speed into the ref, knocking him to the ground. The second player then comes running full speed and pummels into Watts with his helmet. The referee is policing the game, and once again, we exhibit NO respect. What in the hell makes kids think that they can violently maliciously attack a referee? I have an answer to that later in this rant. Now the boys are claiming that the assistant coach said, “That guy needs to pay for cheating us,” and told them to do it. I don’t know the details as to whether or not he told the kids to attack the ref, and frankly, I don’t care. They all need to go to jail. Within one week of that incident, another high school football player from Texas hit and shoved a referee for throwing a flag and breaking up a fight between two teams. The kid was ejected from the game, big deal? I want to know why people believe the law applies to everyone else, and not to them?

I believe that the John Jay team needs to be suspended for a minimum of three years, and the two defensive players should be in jail. This is not a case of boys having a bad day, or a bad game. This isn’t a case about a referee making racial slurs. This is a major lack of respect, coupled with violent behavior, that if not given a severe consequence, will most likely lead to much bigger and worse violent crimes. With this type of deep-seated aggression, these kids are the ones that will go on to college and who knows what they are capable of doing both on and off the field (especially to women). If they aren’t punished, we are failing them and we are failing ourselves as a society. The term “actions have consequences” means that you take an action, and if it’s not a good choice, you have to pay a consequence. If we never impose a consequence, then what’s the point of having rules? How do you get kids to “think before they act” if we don’t impose punishment? The team already held a practice the very next week. What kind of message does that send? Are we telling them that it’s okay to randomly and violently attack a ref and still play ball? A coach should encourage sportsmanship, not violence. This should never be tolerated in any sport at any level.

Shooting the police is not OK. Showing up at people’s homes with alcohol, underage, when you aren’t invited is not OK. Attacking referees is not OK. As a society, we need to start taking drastic measures against those who break the law. If you are underage, we need to stop worrying about how the consequences could impact your future with regard to college admission. People need to realize that crime does not pay ... before they commit the crime. I’m terribly frustrated and believe that we are going downhill fast.

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