Actions speak louder than words


I actually laughed out loud when I read Steve Danon’s quote in the paper. He says he is running for County Supervisor because he wants to restore accountability and trust in government. He states it’s time for creation of a regional “Ethics Committee.”

Give me a break. Does this guy take the voters for buffoons? Danon is a former lobbyist who has been campaigning in San Diego practically full-time for more than two years. All the while working full-time as a federal employee, paid by we the taxpayers, as a Federal employee in Washington, D.C.

Much of his activity in San Diego occurred during key votes in Washington, yet he was here campaigning. How does that represent an example of ethics, accountability and trust?

How does he campaign while employed by the taxpayers? Most California congressmen’s lead staffers fly out to the district a couple of times a year, yet Danon has probably logged more advantage miles than the lot of them. He flies to California more often than the congressman himself. Maybe he pays for his flights now, but I wonder if he paid for them two years ago.

Miraculously, he separates the two roles — the job we pay him to do — and the candidates’ role of fundraising calls, calls for endorsements and attendance at local meetings, all related to running for office. There are many who have witnessed these appearances and received his locally-generated phone calls. These appearances at local events are normally handled by local staff, not requiring the expense and time for Danon to come from Washington.

If this isn’t unethical, than I don’t know what is. And if it’s legal, it certainly is not within the spirit of the law, This is my main concern. We already have too many elected officials who do not operate within the spirit of the law. We certainly don’t need or deserve another one.

Allen Frisch

Solana Beach