Adopt a Family Foundation to hold fundraiser at Erik Skoldberg gallery in the Del Mar Plaza


Adopt a Family Foundation will hold a free informal event from 5:30 p.m. - 8 p.m Sunday, Sept. 14, at the Erik Skoldberg gallery in the Del Mar Plaza.

The event will be hosted by artist Erik Skoldberg, who has also arranged for Il Fornaio to cater the food.

The gallery is two doors down from Il Fornaio. Yaron Bob, an artist from the region Eshkol, in the south of Israel, will say a few words about the situation in Israel. Over the summer this was one of the areas that was bombarded with rocket fire from Gaza.

Yaron Bob creates “beauty out of horror” as he transforms metal from mortars and rockets into art pieces.

His art, as well as some other Israeli art pieces, and a donation from Erik Skoldberg, will be on sale to raise funds for the foundation.

Funds raised will go towards rebuilding a playground on Kibbutz Mefarsim, which was damaged during the Protection Edge Operation over the past summer.

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