Adopt the Initiative filed in City Hall

Dear City Council of Solana (not Slum) Beach:

Sounds like the Solana Beach City Council has lost touch with the majority of those who elected them. Do you want us to become the laughing stock of Southern California? I can just picture the cartoons of a “City Trained” bartender plus a security guard watching over the family toasting their relatives’ 50th anniversary. And it better not be a large family, ‘cuz only 50 can come to watch their video! What kind of nonsense is that? And, everyone better have their hearing aids turned up ‘cuz no microphone will be allowed! Enjoy the ocean breezes out on the patio? No, not if you’re holding one of those two drinks you’re allowed. What has happened to the Solana Beach we once knew? Please, City Council, let the existing Municipal Code handle the parties at the Fletcher Cove Community Center just as it governs all the other parties, celebrations, receptions, large meetings, charity events, football gatherings and every other large home gathering in our neighborhoods. Get rid of your silly rental agreement and adopt the Initiative filed in City Hall! And please do so before you make the City spend over $200,000 for a special election to hear from the non-prejudiced majority of our Solana Beach residents.

Peggy Martin,

Solana Beach