Advocate for torture survivors speaks to Del Mar - Solana Beach Rotary Club

Rotary Club President-Elect Diane Huckabee, with Survivors of Torture, International’s Executive Director Kathi Anderson. Photo/ Susheela Narayanan

Kathi Anderson, founder and executive director of “Survivors of Torture, International” in San Diego gave an informative and moving presentation to the Del Mar-Solana Beach Rotary Club at a recent meeting. “Survivors” facilitates the healing of torture survivors; educates professionals and the public about torture and its consequences, and advocates for the abolition of torture.

“Survivors,” an independent nonprofit, helps San Diego County survivors of politically motivated torture (and their families) through medical, dental, psychiatric, and social services. All services are provided free to the survivors, most of whom suffer from both dislocation and feelings of shame, humiliation and isolation.

Since its inception in 1997, Survivors of Torture has helped more than 1,300 survivors of torture from more than 70 countries, many of them former leaders and professionals. Most have lived in refugee camps for long periods of time and cannot return home. The screening process to resettle them in different countries is complex and rigorous. However, these survivors display amazing resilience and are able to rehabilitate themselves when given a little help and support, accomplishing increased participation in education, employment and community activities, and a reduction in homelessness.

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— Text and photo provided by Susheela Narayanan