All incumbents re-elected to Carmel Valley planning board, one member steps down

By Karen Billing

The Carmel Valley Community Planning Board completed its elections on March 28 with all incumbents being re-elected to their seats, including Neighborhood 1 representative Rick Newman; Nancy Novak for Neighborhood 3; Chris Moore for Neighborhood 6; Laura Copic for Neighborhood 10; developer representative Allen Kashani; and Neighborhood 5’s Debbie Lokanc who, in the only contested seat, was elected over candidate Elissa Krasenbaum.

Also elected were new board members Jonathan Tedesco to the Pacific Highlands Ranch district 12 seat and Brian Brady of Kilroy Realty to one of the two business seats.

Investor representative Rodney Hunt stepped down at the March 28 meeting and received a special commendation from District 1 City Councilmember Sherri Lightner.

Carmel Valley Community Planning Board Chair Frisco White said Hunt’s stepping down was a way to resolve a board issue with investor seats and business seats. New member Brady was elected to a business seat but White said that Kilroy Realty is more of an investor and that the business seat should be reserved for small businesses.

At the next meeting, White said the board will consider moving Brady to the investor seat, leaving the vacant business seat open to a small business representative.