An open letter to Del Mar Union School District parents

By Chris Stevenson

President, Del Mar Schools

Education Foundation

We are writing this open letter with a real sense of urgency in our ongoing appeal to help raise funds for our extended studies curriculum (ESC) including music, art, science, technology and physical education.

To date, only 30 percent of our parent community has donated to help raise funds for our ESC programs. As of Dec. 31, we’ve raised approximately $500,000, which is just about one-quarter of our $2 million goal. The Del Mar Schools Education Foundation is working diligently with all eight principals and district staff to formulate a plan for what programs we will be able to save should we fail to reach that goal. Please know that all donations, large and small, increase our ability to continue the great success that we have had with our ESC programs.

Based on last year’s experience and this year’s budget crisis, we have asked each family to contribute $800 per child to help cover the expected costs of our ESC programs for the 2010/2011 school year. This $800 donation is far less expensive than a year of private lessons in science, music, art, technology or sports programs. Our credentialed ESC teachers have developed highly enriched programs that rival the area’s private schools, and this is unique to our academically high-scoring district.

In December, the parents of each school received letters that were written by the staff of each individual school detailing how the ESC programs contribute so significantly to the quality of education received in the Del Mar Union School District.

Without your contributions, these programs will be cut.

We have until Feb. 15 to raise the funds necessary to keep these exceptional programs in place. The district is obligated by law to communicate teacher layoffs to affected teachers by March 15. Unless we raise the money by Feb. 15, teachers will receive layoff notices.

Please consider contributing either again or for the first time to DMSEF during our Challenge Week, Jan. 19 to 22, so that we can continue to offer the most unique educational curriculum in public education. Go to

Please STEP UP and GIVE to your child’s education.