Animal center hit by thieves - again

The president of a North County animal shelter, where two break-ins have occurred over a two-month period, said today the thieves who took off with cash and checks are greedy and heartless.

“It’s obvious that the people who did this have no concern for any of the people and animals we serve,” said Helen Woodward Animal Center President Mike Arms. “They don’t care how it affects others who have greater needs. This is about greed.”

The most recent break-in at the shelter in the 6400 block of El Apajo Road took place around 11:30 p.m. Sunday. Burglars stole about $1,500 in cash and some checks written out to the shelter, Arms said.

The building’s alarm went off, but security officers searched the area and saw nothing suspicious, according to the center’s John Van Zante.

The burglars apparently disabled the alarm and tore it out of the wall, and also shattered a large glass door and gained access to the shelter’s pet supply store.

The animal shelter, whose staff found homes for nearly 3,000 orphaned pets this past year, was also burglarized on Nov. 11. Thieves took off with some office equipment, including a small radio and a laminator, in that break-in, Van Zante said.