Another successful drive for Carmel Valley’s Donate Your Old Shoes

att56024Thousands of shoes were collected locally Aug. 18 for donation in support of Gawad Kalinga. These shoes will benefit the poor residents of the Philippines who cannot afford decent footware. The shoes are destined for the GK Villages, where they will be distributed to those who need them.

This was a project by Carmel Valley-based; La Salle Alumni Association of Southern California; and GK-USA ( (The project falls under the iCare,iShare Consortium banner, according to Gary Legaspi, president, One La Salle Southern California. The iCare, iShare consortium is an informal group of organizations that come together and collaborate for a good cause for the benefit of others.)

According to Legaspi, “We loaded a total of 89 boxes. Sixty-one of which were the boxes and the rest (28) were the assorted size boxes. Approximately 350 pairs will be sent to La Salle Academy-Iligan for their continued relief project. Approximately 700 pairs will be sent to La Salle Greenhills for their current relief project.

“The balance will be sent to the GK Villages in Luzon for their relief and current projects. We filled up a 16-foot box truck from end-to-end and top-to-bottom.”

Donate Your Old Shoes is a nonprofit organization established by Philip and Kimberly Cleary of Carmel Valley. (Their children, Mimi, Conway, Shea and Joe, are also active in the organization.)

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