Arrive two hours early for holiday flights


Travelers using San Diego International Airport during the Thanksgiving holiday are urged to arrive at least two hours before departure for domestic flights and three hours for international flights, the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority said today.

Also, obeying the “3-1-1’’ rule could cut down on security wait lines, according to the SDCRAA.

Liquids, gels and aerosols carried through security checkpoints must be three ounces or smaller and be placed in a one-quarter clear, plastic, zip-top bag. Passengers are limited to one bag.

As many as 55,000 passengers a day are expected to pass through Lindbergh Field over the Thanksgiving holiday, which normally serves 40,000 to 50,000 passengers a day, according to the SDCRAA.

Extra staff will be available to help passengers through lines and the security process, according to the Airport Authority.

Authorities hope three categories of security checkpoints lanes will smooth the arrival process.

The “expert’’ lanes are for frequent business travelers, while “casual’’ lanes are for those who travel less frequently but are familiar with the security procedures. “Family/special assistance’’ lanes are for travelers with small children, the elderly or passengers who need special assistance, according to the Airport Authority.