Artists’ documentation of Salton Sea Odyssey comes to Solana Beach Re-Gallery

Re-Gallery will present a collaborative exhibition by local artists assuming the identities of Harriman, Fawcett and Falcon.

The exhibition will examine the Salton Sea from its rise as a popular recreation destination in the mid-20th century to its decline into a harsh, ecologically devastated landscape. Harriman, Fawcett and Falcon — an unlikely trio of disgraced captain of industry, archaeologist and explorer — document their individual experiences at the Salton Sea via installation, illustration, hand drawn maps, case notes of their findings, soil samples, and photography.

Harriman, Fawcett and Falcon’s exhibition will be opening at Re-Gallery in Solana Beach on March 30, from 6-9 p.m. The exhibition will run from March 30 through May 30, 2012.

Re-Gallery is located at 348H S. Cedros Avenue in the Solana Beach Design District.

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