Ashley Falls Mileage Club runners pass 10,000-mile mark

Mileage Cheer: Ashley Falls School Mileage Club celebrates breaking the 10,000 mile mark on May 7.

Photo by Karen Billing

Mileage 1: PE teacher Desiree McBride scans the log card of a runner.

Photo by Karen Billing

Mileage2-5: no ids: Students run during lunch on May 7.

Photo by Karen Billing

The Ashley Falls Mileage Club, a running club at the school, hit a major milestone on May 7 by breaking the 10,000-mile mark. PE teacher Desiree McBride had set a goal for the year of 6,000 miles, but the students ran through that milestone in January and hit 10,000 miles this month with another three weeks to go in the year.

The popular club is offered every morning and during lunch on Wednesday, allowing students and teachers to get some great exercise, socialize, have fun, and even earn prizes. Students earn “toe token” necklace charms for reaching certain distances, and they participate in grade-level competitions to win extra P.E. time, pizza parties and trophies, all supported by the Ashley Falls PTA.

Photos by Karen Billing