The Bacon Brothers to perform at San Diego County Fair


Throughout the 1980s and ‘90s, Kevin Bacon was one of the biggest stars in the word. An actor and dancer, Bacon starred in such monster hits as “Footloose” (his infamous 1984 breakout role that centers on a town that bans dancing), “A Few Good Men” (the legal drama alongside Tom Cruise) and “Apollo 13” (the Ron Howard-directed space epic with Tom Hanks). In addition to his acting prowess, Bacon has been steadily releasing music under the moniker of The Bacon Brothers, a duo he’s in with his brother Michael. Since releasing their first album in 1997, the duo has been consistently touring and spreading their country folk sound for the past 19 years.

“It feels like a long time,” says brother Michael while on a brief respite in the middle of their current tour. “I mostly focus on how much we improve.” Adds Kevin, “I can’t believe it’s been that long. I mostly can’t believe we have done seven records and very few covers. Proud of that.”

Even before coming out with their first album, Kevin and Michael were performing together for years before that, starting as kids growing up in Philadelphia, Penn. While Kevin went off to pursue acting (one of his first roles was in the comedy classic “Animal House”), Michael focused on music and soon composed the scores for countless television series, mostly on public TV. Regarding the long-term commitment to their respective crafts, Michael noted, “I think both of us were taught at an early age that if you’re good at something you need to have a way of expressing that.”

Despite releasing seven studio albums, it miraculously never slowed down Kevin’s film and television career. The actor is so prolific he’s known for being the inspiration behind the “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon,” a party game where you have to trace any actor back to Kevin in six roles or less. (Bacon later capitalized on this by founding the website, which links charities with potential donors.) In addition, the Brothers are also spokespeople for the American Egg Board, the company behind the Incredible Edible Egg campaign. (Tagline: “Wake up to eggs with the Bacon Brothers.”)

The duo is also constantly touring, something that they have a love-hate relationship with after the past two decades of life on the road. “We can succeed as a band in any type of venue,” says Michael. “Mechanical bulls, opera houses, casinos -- bring ‘em on!” On the other hand, while Kevin still enjoys performing he points out, “I’ve lost my taste for traveling.”

Come June 26 at 8 p.m., the duo hits Del Mar to tackle San Diego’s County Fair with their entertaining live show that ranges the musical gamut and features tracks from their latest album, 2014’s 36 Cents. In addition, they are also set to preview the brand new upcoming song “Driver.” “Live shows are more akin to theater,” notes Kevin on how performing music on stage relates to acting. “There’s no take two at a live show, while being in the studio is a lot like doing a movie.”

Adds Michael of the experience, “I love seeing different parts of the country and love playing for receptive audiences. We have a great crew and band. They make it easy.”

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