Banyan Tree center opening in Solana Beach


By Staff

The Banyan Tree Learning Center is extending a branch to Solana Beach.

The center, which provides assistance to students with special educational needs, offers instruction in reading, writing, math and organizational strategies. It has curriculums in academic subject matter as well as the cognitive foundations of learning such as attention, memory and processing information.

The center is named after the banyan tree, which has a very large trunk but grows extra, smaller trunks to support its weight.

“That’s what we try to do. We try to provide the support for students that they need,” Chief Executive Office and founder Nanci Engle said. “We cover the gamut from those students just struggling because of weak processing skills to those that really do have some significant learning disabilities.”

Engle founded the learning center in 1996, after 30 years as a special education teacher.

“I felt like there was so much more we could do when we worked with students one on one,” she said, adding that she keeps up to date in education’s newest advancements for her curriculums. “There’s so much information on brain processing right now; just the fact that there’s brain plasticity, if something is not working in the brain it can be retrained.”

Parents who are interested in learning more about the Banyan Tree Learning Center’s programs can call (619) 226-6171 for more information or to sign up for a free initial consultation.

If further steps are to be taken, Banyan Tree will examine a student’s academic records, previous testing, and then do some testing of its own.

Engle said most of the students are between first grade and high school, and typically work with the learning center’s instructors for about a year.

Its Solana Beach address is 722 Genevieve St., Suite C. Banyan Tree also has centers in Scripps Ranch and Point Loma. Visit


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