Be prepared for more wet weather

While the rain and wind we experience in coastal San Diego County seems minimal compared to the floods, snow dumps and ice storms battering much of the country as we speak, it can still be dangerous out there.

Kayakers and hikers needed rescuing, while water-logged drivers were towed out of flash flood areas when storms hit the region early this week. And the National Weather Service predicts more to come, starting with showers early next week.

While the wet weather has its perks - adding to the snow pack in the mountains and replenishing the reservoirs, and a welcome weekend diversion for winter sports enthusiasts and snow bunnies - be sure to take precautions even in your daily routine.

Every driver should pack winter safety supplies including a warm blanket, a waterproof flashlight, drinking water, non-perishable food items, an umbrella, rain jacket and waterproof boots, and emergency flares.

Don’t forget to layer up, check your tire pressure, have a family emergency plan in place and, if need be, take advantage of the county’s free sandbags offer (info online at


And while you probably won’t need the sandbags or rain jacket in case of other emergencies like earthquakes or fire, having your emergency supplies on hand can come in handy at other times, too.

Whether you commute to work, plan to travel or spend time outdoors, plan for wet weather and factor safety into your plans. Slow down and leave extra room between you and that car in front of you. Know what to do if you get into a skid - it’s one of those questions on some DMV tests that confound some of us.

Because, while we live in an area with one of the most moderate climates in the country, anyone paying attention to the latest weather and traffic news will know we are not immune to the perils of winter.