Be true to the ‘Big Blue’


By Izzy Tihanyi and Coco Tihanyi

Co-founders, Surf Diva

Like most days, we spent part of June 8 surfing at La Jolla Shores, soaking up the beautiful sights, sounds and smells of the ocean. Any day spent in California’s coastal waters is special, but June 8 was World Oceans Day, a time to celebrate the sea and all it provides. As we enjoyed the day, we reflected on all the ocean does for us. The ocean feeds us, moves us, even creates the air we breathe. Can you imagine life in San Diego without the fun and beauty of La Jolla, Swami’s, or your favorite surf, dive or kayaking spot? We’d rather not.

Everyone that uses the ocean has a part to play in its care, and the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is a striking reminder that we must stand and be counted as defenders of our seas. There are many ways you can help: Pick up trash next time you’re walking on the beach, connect with a local group that works on water quality or coastal protection, or get involved in the effort to create state parks (or “marine protected areas”) for our ocean.

The state is working right now to expand its marine protected area plan through the Marine Life Protection Act. We have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to set aside special places like La Jolla and Swami’s that are important for both sea life and recreation. Marine protected areas are a lot like wilderness areas on land, and it makes sense to protect the richest habitat so we get maximum benefit for science, nature and people.

South La Jolla is one of a handful of areas that has been nominated to receive full protection as a marine reserve. You can learn all about it, and see some of the amazing plants and animals the proposed reserve is designed to protect, at


We feel fortunate for every moment we get to spend in the ocean. If you love our coastal Southern California lifestyle, take some time to give back to Big Blue. Because while the ocean may be vast, it’s not immune to human impacts, and it’s high time we started boosting its health rather than doing harm.