Beth Am preschool kids create Zoozeum

By Karen Billing

Congregation Beth Am’s Gesher Preschool got wild with its 13th annual Zoozeum on May 15.

In an advanced program, the children classify their chosen animals and learn all about their habitats and characteristics to be ready to make a knowledgeable presentation in front of their families. The youngsters learn about different artists and their artistic techniques to complete art projects of their chosen animal — all of their work is on display during Zoozeum night. The biggest art project brings families together as students work with their parents to construct life-like animals out of paper mache, fur and feathers — Noah Sacks creatively used pinecone seeds to mimic the spiny scales of the animal’s skin.

“The hardest part was getting it to stand up,” said Sophie Herman of her leopard. “And the tail of it kind of broke but we stuck it with glue.”

The Zoozeum night is a chance for the future artists, scientists and animal lovers to show off with pride all of their artistic efforts and all they’ve learned.

Photos by Karen Billing