Better alternatives needed to reach fairgrounds

By Hugh Cree

The article by Claire Harlin regarding the possible ”Direct Access Ramp to Fairgrounds” and “Studies at Caltrans indicate that would be the best thing to relieve traffic there” has prompted me to respond with my comments.

Of course Caltrans’ job is to build roads and the proposal is to be expected, but what is ludicrous is the Coaster runs right by the Fairgrounds and still there is no mention of any fixed plans (to my knowledge) of a Special Events station being built. Year after year, trains roll by the Fairgrounds, they could be moving thousands of people and yet the blindly obvious, common sense need is never addressed!

We really need to begin to provide better alternative, convenient and comfortable ways to reach the Fairgrounds, and actually do something to reduce the number of cars on Highway 5 trying to reach the Fair. A convenient, frequent and reasonably-priced Coaster or alternative special rail service scheduled for Fair events should be the first priority.

Environmentally, the train station location would have minimal if any impact when you consider the huge net positive benefits through removing a large number of cars off the road, not to mention eliminating the need to build another highway interchange monster in the already threatened river valley.

I vote for the station, just bin Caltrans ideas.