Big Brother becoming bigger, bolder by the day

The arguments put forth by Tim Pickwell of Solana Beach in his letter to the editor of April 18, “Plastic bag ban wrong on several counts,” are basically the same as I put forth regarding the banning of smoking on the public sidewalks and at the super-air-conditioned beach in Del Mar.

I quoted a German citizen during the Nazi era who didn’t object when they came for the Communists because he was not a Communist, ditto the Jews because he was not a Jew. But when they came for him, there was no one left to speak out for him.

Similarly, Pickwell had no objection when they banned smoking on the beach in Solana Beach because he was not a smoker; nor did he speak out when they banned bottles on the beach, and then his favorite light bulbs.

“But now,” he pointed out, “the government has come for my plastic bags and there is no one to speak for me. One can dislike plastic bags yet feel that government has no business criminalizing the use of one.”

Thus, my objections on principle (as a non-smoker) to the smoking bans on public property have been advanced to other governmental bans, just as I predicted.

Thank you, Mr. Pickwell, for making that so self-evident with your irrefutable arguments against the plastic bag bans in particular, and governmental bans against matters of personal choice in general.

What has happened to the cherished rights that our inspired founders worked so diligently to guarantee every American citizen? The liberty and freedom of the individual that has been totally unique throughout the world?

The answer is increasingly and alarmingly obvious.

Big Brother is becoming bigger and bolder by the day.

Jim Donovan

Del Mar