Board headed in right direction with trail committee

I am excited that the Del Mar Mesa Planning Board has created a special trails committee that will address this specific area. It’s time that this no-man’s land of illegal dumping, migrant camps and 4WD truck off-roading is cleaned up and preserved for the enjoyment of future generations as well as protecting our local natural habitat. There are some beautiful trails here, particularly ones that descend into the canyons.

I first explored this area a couple years ago. There was lots of media attention on the migrant camps and efforts by local citizens, activists, and government officials to clear them out.

Starting from the cluster of eucalyptus trees, you could find vantage points that looked north down into the canyons. You could see some of the migrant camps because of the bright blue tarps they used.

As time passed, I started to see an increase in hikers, joggers, bikers and horseback riders in this same area. A conversation with another trail user led me to one of the beautiful trails that descend into the canyon.

I had no knowledge of these trails prior to my explorations, but it does appear that this area has been heavily used for many years (and not in a good way). The description in the article (Jan. 15, “Trails committee created”) describing them as a “super-highway” is not representative of the trails in this area. Maybe they hiked the wrong place since all these trails are very narrow.

Everyone should keep off until our local representatives make the proper decision for the appropriate level of user access as well as the protection of natural habitat. I hope our local decision-makers can come together soon and develop a plan for this wonderful area. The quicker a plan is accepted, the quicker volunteers (me included) can clean out the years of neglect heaped on this area.

By John Millen

Sorrento Valley resident