Board votes to replace Komosinski

Charlene Komosinski, director of after-school programs and child care services, retired effectively on March 16, leaving an open position in the cash-strapped Del Mar Union School District. Despite Trustee Katherine White’s suggestion that the district give the schools’ principals Komosinski’s responsibilities to save money, the board voted 4-1 in favor of rehiring, with White opposed.

White said she didn’t mean to minimize what Komosinski has done over the last 10 years, but said she thought it would be an opportunity to tap into the expertise of the school principals and save money by not hiring a new person for one to two years.

“I respectfully disagree that this is not the place to try and cut. There’s too much at stake here,” said Darlene Nadlonek, district personnel technician.

Nadlonek agreed with Superintendent Sharon McClain, who said the position is essentially a principal and business manager, serving 2,750 children, overseeing a staff of around 200 people and bringing in $2.9 million in revenue.

Gaylord Leper, assistant director of the after-school program, said a principal would not be able to give the full-time attention the job requires.

“That woman eats, sleeps and breathes the after-school program,” Leper said of Komosinski. “We need someone with the same passion. ... Replacing Charlene is going to be one the hardest jobs this district has ever tried to accomplish.”

— Karen Billing