Boil water advisory lifted


Mayor Jerry Sanders announced Sept. 11 that results of two sets of tests from dozens of sampling sites have shown no contamination to San Diego’s potable water, and the precautionary boil-water advisory issued late Thursday evening has been lifted.

The city notified water customers in eight San Diego neighborhoods on Sept. 8 that pump failure due to the regionwide power outage had led to loss of pressure in pipes, leading to the risk of contamination. Residents and businesses in those neighborhoods were advised to boil all tap water used for drinking and cooking purposes until tests could confirm the water was uncontaminated.

Comprehensive tests performed over two days by the City of San Diego Public Utilities Department and the California Department of Public Health

established that the tap water in the affected areas is safe to drink.

“I’m grateful but not surprised by how San Diegans rose to the occasion throughout the blackout and its aftermath” said Mayor Jerry Sanders. “We recognize this precaution was an inconvenience for those in the affected neighborhoods, and we’re grateful for their patience and cooperation.”