Bring the ‘Beach Boys’ back to our beach with Prop B


If you host a party at the Fletcher Cove Community Center in Solana Beach your guests are limited to two beers. What’s worse, your guests will be confronted by the presence of a jack-booted security guard whose standing orders are to strictly enforce the city’s restrictive use rules and to police your party. What’s even worse, the city dictates the type of music which should, or should not, be played at your party. For instance, the beach band you hired for your Solana Beach party is forbidden to play the Beach Boys since this music involves the use of drums. This is overly restrictive and defies common sense.

Let’s bring the Beach Boys back to our beach, and allow all of us to enjoy our Fletcher Cove Community Center as it was intended. Vote “Yes” on Proposition B.

Peter S. Doody

Solana Beach