Bring the gym to you: Pilates 2 U provides private in-home lessons

By Karen Billing

When Renee Casanova arrives at your door with her Pilates 2 U reformer and mats in hand, out go the excuses.

“When I knock on the door, it’s time to work out,” said Casanova, the owner and trainer of Pilates 2 U.

A traveling trainer, Casanova guides private in-home lessons, awakening deep muscles and elongating bodies in 50-minute sessions.

“Seeing people improve by being able to do more with their lives because of what I’m teaching them, seeing them become stronger from the inside out makes me feel so good,” Casanova. “When I see any kind of improvement, it’s so gratifying. People tell me ‘I’m standing up straighter,’ or ‘I think I’ve gotten taller’ or ‘I have more energy because I’m doing this’, that’s what I love most.”

Casanova has lived in Leucadia and run Pilates 2 U for two years, coming from the Los Angeles area where she had a studio in Marina del Rey. While she travels to clients now, she would love to eventually have a studio locally.

In addition to being a certified Pilates instructor for the last 10 years, Casanova is also is a certified core power yoga instructor and Zumba instructor, leading classes at LA Fitness.

Casanova comes from a background in dance and performed in musical theater in Los Angeles. She became a personal trainer but she didn’t like the type of workouts that involved.

“My body didn’t feel elongated like it did with dance, I felt tighter,” Casanova said. “When I went to Pilates I felt like it was dancing without all the pain of dancing.”

She loved the amazing feeling she got from Pilates and decided to become certified with Long Beach Dance Conditioning.

Casanova travels with her own Pilates reformer for clients to use or some clients may have their own at home. If preferred by the client, she also can do mat-only Pilates workouts.

Pilates can help bodies in all kinds of ways, according to Casanova — it improves core strength, promotes better posture and sharpens that mind-body connection.

Casanova said every movement done during Pilates requires you to concentrate on the muscles to make the movement happen.

With New Year’s resolutions around the corner, Casanova said Pilates would be an excellent way to “make yourself strong and invincible.”

For Casanova, Pilates was a huge help after giving birth to her daughter Madison eight years ago. After her pregnancy she said she felt like a truck had hit her, but she knew she could return to the exercise that forced her to find her deep abdominal muscles and get her strong again.

“Even if you have never taken a Pilates class before you had a baby, it’s a great way to get back into life gently but effectively,” Casanova said. “Pilates teaches you about your body and what it needs to stay injury free.”

For more information on Pilates 2 U, visit, or e-mail or call 760-230-2040.

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