Bud’s Corner: Time for a political divorce

By Bud Emerson,

Del Mar and the north central coast cities of Solana Beach and Encinitas really like to vote, and they really liked the Obama/Biden ticket. Their pattern of voting shows a very different orientation from other voters in our congressional district and from the rest of the county of San Diego.

Our views seem to match up more with Los Angeles and the Bay Area than most of the rest of the state.

These cities are way out in front of the region and the country with support for Obama. Detailed results from the registrar of voters show a 62 percent-35 percent margin of victory in Del Mar compared with a 54 percent-44 percent vote countywide.

Obama won Solana Beach with 56 percent and Encinitas with 59 percent. Even in the heavily Republican 50th Congressional District, Obama won 51 percent-47 percent.

Voter turnout figures were amazingly high with 87 percent in the 50th district, 89 percent in Solana Beach and an astonishing 92 percent in Del Mar.

All three cities cast absentee ballots well above 40 percent. No shortage of patriotism here. In an era when anti-government sentiments flow freely, we citizens are determined to be heard.

Another indicator of forward thinking in our micro region is reflected in voter support for the high-speed rail proposition. Del Marians went 55 percent in favor, with Solana Beach and Encinitas close behind with 51 percent. Countywide support was 49 percent, and the 50th District could only find 45 percent in favor.

Proposition 8, an anti-gay marriage measure, attracted support from 52 percent in the 50th District, while Del Mar voted 32 percent in favor; Solana Beach, 41 percent; and Encinitas, 32 percent. Our communities generally do not see harm in two loving persons getting married, regardless of gender.

Republican incumbent Brian Bilbray defeated Nick Liebham 50 percent-45 percent districtwide, but Bilbray lost in Del Mar and Encinitas with 40 percent and Solana Beach with 45 percent. Representative Bilbray clearly does not represent our views.

We’re looking at a pretty disturbing pattern here. Maybe it’s time for a divorce from the 50th. Our three cities clearly have very different political and leadership views, as well as a commitment to equal rights not shared by the rest of the 50th. Why do we progressives get lumped in with the reactionaries of this district?

Fortunately, a redrawing of district lines is in the near future. Maybe we should seize this coming opportunity to part ways with Bilbray and his supporters who obviously see a different reality than we see.

My vision is a coastal district extending from Point Loma and Ocean Beach, through La Jolla, winding up embracing Carlsbad and Oceanside - a lot of diversity, but a much more compatible marriage with many common coastal interests.