Burn Institute offers fire tips


Santa Ana winds and dry conditions are upon us once again. And with them come high fire danger.

Endorsed by the San Diego County Fire Chiefs’ Association, and created in conjunction with fire service professionals, the Burn Institute’s new, 16-page “Wildfire Guide” is free to the public and offers valuable information to help you protect your home and property - and potentially save your life.

The guide explains how quickly wildfires spread and what fuels fire. You will find useful tips and guidelines about creating defensible space and utilizing fire-wise landscaping. An evacuation checklist will help you identify the items you’ll want to take with you, and a family evacuation plan to establish a safe meeting place for your loved ones.

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, call the Burn Institute at (858) 541-2277 or contact your local fire department or visit the Burn Institute, 8825 Aero Drive, Suite 200, San Diego, 92123.