Can the region trust Del Mar?

By Bud Emerson

Taking our granddaughters to the fair again this year was a real treat. Except this year the program guide had a snarky full page message from the Fair Board telling all of the million-plus attendees that Del Mar cannot be trusted to run the fairgrounds.

The fair and other activities will begin to suffer and the fairgrounds will fall into disrepair if we “trust” these awful Delmarians to take control. So enjoy it this year while you still can because the sky will soon fall when Del Mar takes “control.” Of course, there was no mention of Del Mar’s plan to set up a “trust” guaranteeing the future of the fair and setting up a truly local board of representatives from all of the cities in the county. That doesn’t fit their narrative.

A few days later my wife and I walked the beach on the weekend of the 4th and saw thousands of happy beachgoers enjoying themselves on the beach that Del Mar holds in “trust” for the region. Millions of beach visitors every year trusting that our professional lifeguards will watch over them — no swimmers lost in over 50 years. Then we came to Dog Beach that Del Mar has set aside for the many canine lovers in the region, another “trust.” On our way back we passed by wedding and family celebrations in Powerhouse Park, Seagrove Park, and the Powerhouse Community Center, all held in “trust” for the enjoyment of citizens throughout the region.

Within the week we had occasion to hike in the trails set up by Del Mar in Crest Canyon and the lagoon area of San Dieguito River Valley Park — more “trusts.” Early in the morning we witness surfers from throughout the region utilizing our many surf breaks all along the Del Mar beachfront. Downtown Del Mar is a destination point for thousands of regional visitors enjoying our pedestrian walkways, shops, sidewalk cafes, and restaurants.

All of these wonderful assets are held in “trust” by the citizens of Del Mar who pay to acquire, restore, preserve, and maintain so that we can welcome visitors from all over the region. All under the “control” of these awful Delmarians.

When it comes to “trust” how does the fair board with its innumerable violations of Coastal Commission environmental protections stack up against Del Mar’s long and enviable record of stewardship of regional and environmental assets?

I would put my money on Del Mar any day. Hands down.