Canyon Crest Academy 4th in math contest

Canyon Crest Academy finished fourth in the 2009 Ciphering Times Trials, a national mathematics contest administered by National Assessment and Testing.

Coach Brian Shay prepared students for the competition, which consisted of 10 rounds in which they had three minutes to solve three problems. The problems covered a range of difficulties in diverse topics.

Thomas Swayze placed third in the ninth-grade division, while Raymond Wu and Henry Maltby placed seventh and 12th, respectively, in the 10th-grade division. Marco Gentili placed 18th in the 11th-grade division, while Leon Zhou and Igo Raush placed 14th and 25th respectively in the 12th-grade division.

CCA students were also set to participate in next contest, the 2010 Four-by-Four Competition on Feb. 5.