Canyon Crest Academy Envision Theatre’s ‘Biloxi Blues’ begins Nov. 6

Canyon Crest Academy Envision Theatre will present Biloxi Blues, directed by CCA Envision Theatre Coordinator Amy Blatt from Nov. 6 through Nov. 16 (a great way to honor and pay tribute to veterans) at the CCA Proscenium Theatre.

Winner of the 1985 Tony Award for Best Play, “Biloxi Blues” is the second in Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Neil Simon’s trilogy which began with Brighton Beach Memoirs and concluded with Broadway Bound.

When we last met Eugene Jerome, he was coping with adolescence in 1930s Brooklyn. Here, he is a young army recruit during WWII, going through basic training and learning about life and love along with some harsher lessons, while stationed at boot camp in Biloxi, Mississippi in 1943. *Rated PG-13 for language and adult situations.

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The Biloxi Blues cast includes:  Carney: Troy Lingelbach; Daisy: Kristin Knox; Epstein: Julian Coker; Eugene: Mark Steitz; Hennesey: Josh Guicherit; Selridge: Jacob Surovsky; Rowena: Grace Condon; Toomey: Alex Waxler; Wykowski: Riley Lewis; Ensemble/Understudies: Steve Macario, Jesse Belinsky, Tyler Faison, Kion Heidari.

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