Canyon Crest Academy Pep Rally showcases distinctive style of spirit


CCARavensBy Jill Lin


No football team, no cheerleaders, but definitely a whole lot of spirit.

Last week, Canyon Crest Academy, known widely for being an arts school with no football team whatsoever, proved that absences of shoulder pads and helmets did not deter Raven pride. While regular high schools featured cheerleaders at the pep rally in preparation for the Homecoming game, CCA showcased its amazing artistic talent through its dances, singing choir, opening Samba Line and personal CCA-themed rendition of Hakuna Matata, sung by emcees Haley Carlborg and Tracy McDowell.

Although there was no football team, the pep rally featured appearances from Varsity Field Hockey, Boys Water polo, Wrestling, Swimming, Girls Junior Varsity and Varsity Volleyball, Track and Baseball, and Girl’s Varsity Tennis. The news that the CCA Girl’s Varsity Tennis was competing for the first League Championship in CCA’s Girl’s Tennis history gave the students something to cheer about in lieu of the normal Homecoming Game.

Finally, to further demonstrate how different they were, Canyon Crest crowned its own Homecoming King and Queen by having students nominate teachers as candidates.

Then, by making the six nominees compete in groups of two in a three-legged race for the prize, teachers Ms. Rais and Mr. Shakeri (of digital imaging and chemistry, respectively) ended up winning the contest.

“I’m proud of the fact that we can have strong spirit without a football team and can encompass everything about CCA in a Pep Rally. CCA is something different, a place where spirit is found in so many unique ways,” said Brian Doyle, president of the Associated Student Body.