Carl Hilliard voted in as Del Mar mayor; Sinnott becomes deputy mayor

By Claire Harlin

The Del Mar City Council gave heartfelt praise and farewell to “motorcycle mayor” Don Mosier on Dec. 12, following the unanimous vote for Deputy Mayor Carl Hilliard to take the reigns for next year. (Mosier’s term as mayor is up but he remains on the council.)

In a lighted-hearted resolution of commendation — his first official act as mayor — Hilliard applauded Mosier’s efforts and listed the multiple committees and boards the outgoing mayor served on: the Regional Solid Waste Association, the League of California Cities, the San Dieguito River Park Joint Powers Authority, the San Dieguito Lagoon Committee, the Sustainability Advisory Committee and Del Mar Community Connection, to name a few.

“His friends and acquaintances recognize him from blocks away wearing a distinct yellow and black motorcycle jacket and snow white beard,” said Hilliard, adding that Mosier has jokingly offered many-a-time to give colleagues rides to regional meetings on his motorcycle.

He further joked that the city has seen some hardship in the past year — losing a city manager, a bomb scare and a regional power outage.

“We must rotate the mayorship to avoid further catastrophe such as floods, tsunamis and earthquakes,” Hillard continued, provoking laughter from the crowd and council.

Mosier, who is a professor at The Scripps Research Institute, said he learned a lot in his first year as mayor, including how to deal with the recent power outage, and he’s appreciated all the support and feedback — both positive and negative — from citizens.

“I’ve done my best to represent Del Mar at regional meetings,” said Mosier, adding that he hopes his input made a difference.

Former Del Mar Mayor and Councilwoman Crystal Crawford came to the council meeting to share her praise about Mosier’s service.

“I really appreciate his scientific mind and his ability and willingness to dive into the issues,” she said, adding that he pours hours of research into any issue that comes across his desk.

Terry Sinnott, who was voted in as deputy mayor, said in the short time he has been on the council he has seen Mosier put in “a ton of time and a ton of work.”

“It’s very hard to have a career and be mayor at the same time,” said Sinnott. “We want to thank you for all your hard work.”