Carmel Del Mar second grade student wins age division at Carmel Valley 5K

Natalie Wang, 7, who is a second grade student at Carmel Del Mar Elementary School knows it takes hard work to get the results you want. She recently won 1st place in the 7-10 age division of the 2nd annual Carmel Valley 5K with a winning time of 26:10.

Doing your best doesn’t always equate to winning. But when the result is such that your hard work pays off in the end, success is sweet and rewarding. However, what counts at the end of the day, is that you do your best and that you have fun doing it. For Natalie, she just enjoys being outdoors and exercising.

Natalie is the only second grader on the Elite Fitness Running Team whose runners consist of all middle schoolers, mostly from Carmel Valley Middle School. For some, the thought of training with older and bigger kids would be daunting, but not for Natalie. She likes the challenge of training with kids who are more than 2 feet taller and 6 years older because she can learn a lot from them and pushes herself to run as fast as them. By far the tiniest member, she is nonetheless encouraged by her coaches and teammates. She does all the training with the team and takes the workout seriously. She listens to her coaches attentively and applies the knowledge she gains to her races, be it pace, running form or strategy. Natalie’s motto is, “If I can do it, so can you!”

Despite her young age, Natalie understands the importance of time management and that good results require focus, hard work, and dedication. After getting out of school, Natalie makes it a priority to get her homework done before heading off to trainings with her various sports. Natalie is also a member of the PAC swim team as well as the San Diego Tri Club youth team and has placed first in her age division in several youth races in 2013. She also enjoys playing the piano, drawing, math and knitting. She wakes up daily early in the morning to practice the piano before going to school.

If you ever see a little girl with a pony tail, sprinting around the track with a group of middle schoolers at Carmel Valley Middle school, give Natalie a cheer!