Carmel Valley author publishes book with new twist on gratitude rocks

By Kristina Houck

Mariette Pan sees hearts everywhere. She sees hearts in nature, animals and food — even trash.

“Hearts symbolize love and gratitude to me,” said the Carmel Valley resident. “Whenever I see a heart, it inspires me to stay open to love and stay open to possibilities.”

Pan started seeing hearts after watching “The Secret” years ago. The 2006 self-help film — which gained worldwide attention after attracting interest from personalities like Oprah Winfrey — encouraged viewers to hold gratitude rocks to remember to be grateful and relieve stress.

To Pan, gratitude centers on love. Therefore, she used gratitude rocks in the shape of hearts.

“I just started seeing hearts everywhere and collecting them and taking pictures of them,” she said. “Over the last few years, I found that the more hearts I saw, the more possibilities I saw, the more connected I felt to the spirit. Things just fell in place.”

Wanting to share her practice with others, Pan wrote her first book, “Gratitude Rocks: Manifesting Passion, Purpose and Prosperity … One Heart at a Time.”

Published in February by her company, Mariette Pan Designs, the book is a 21-day journal she started in October. The journal includes daily activities, insights and questions for readers.

“It takes 21 days to create a habit, so my book is a 21-day journal,” she said. “Every day has a different message and pictures. … In 21 days, if the person has looked for hearts, they will definitely be in an attitude of gratitude, and feel a lot more love and possibility.”

By using gratitude rocks and manifesting passion, purpose and prosperity in her own life, Pan said she has been “successfully unemployed for six years.”

“I don’t ever want to have a job,” said Pan, who spends her time investing in real estate and the stock market, creating jewelry, painting, publishing a website on gratitude, leading self-help workshops, “raising vibrations” through crystals, sound and aromatherapy, traveling, and looking for hearts.

“Lots of things have opened up. I’m a lot more positive than I used to be. I’ve created a lot of different income streams and I’ve helped other people do the same.”

After reading her book, Pan hopes people “get the life they dream of having.”

“Whatever you can think of and believe in having, you can live it,” she said.

The book is available in print for $8.98 and to download for $3.98.

Those interested can also register for the free 21-Day Gratitude Challenge on her website. By accepting the challenge, and looking for and sharing hearts, participants will receive a free downloadable journal to use during the challenge, become part of a Facebook group and possibly be featured on the “Gratitude Rocks” blog and in Pan’s next book.

For more information about “Gratitude Rocks” and to purchase the book, visit