Carmel Valley children hit the streets to feed the homeless

On the first morning of Thanksgiving break, Zach Lesher, 10, Nathan Lesher, 9, Makenna Doan, 10, and Carson Doan, 8, didn’t plop down on the couch to watch TV or play viedo games. These elementary grade students made turkey sandwiches and then took them downtown to the homeless. On the car ride down there was plenty of discussion about how do people become homeless and what was appropriate to say to them.

Excitement about doing something for someone else was building and valuable lessons were being learned. Nathan Lesher handed one man a sandwich and when he walked away he said, “I feel so good!” Seeing kids really “get” the value of doing an act of kindness is enough of a Christmas present for any parent. Take the time this holiday season to do something for someone else and let your heart feel the joy of giving.

— Submission