Carmel Valley Cyclones Water Polo Team dominates League


Congratulations to Coach Jojo, Coach Kyle and the Carmel Valley Cyclones Water Polo team for leading the City of San Diego, Park and Recreation Water Polo League. The Cyclones have three teams in two different divisions and they each play in four tournaments throughout the summer. All three teams finished strong in their division and are to be congratulated for their strong swimming, skilled play and incredible display of teamwork.

Summer record and stats

(Above, right) U-13 Gold Team - Record: 6-0

Team Members: Spencer Crosby, Josh Barforough, Dylan Chmelka, Nick Giacalone, Cameron Lu, AJ Dustin, KienLe (Goalie), David Deng, Caden Coronado, Griffin Tresse, Sachin Perimbeti, Oleg Nikolav & Ben Berend

Results: 14-2 Win vs Allied Gardens, 19-0 Win vs Ned Baumer, 15-4 Win vs Bud Kearns, 5-4 Win vs Carmel Valley Grey, 9-6 Win vs Swanson, 8-3 Win vs Tierrasanta

Notable Stats: Leading scorers: Josh Barforough (25), Spencer Crosby (13), Oleg Nikolav (12); Leading assists: Dylan Chmelka (13); Leading steals: Cameron Lu (18); Leading Saves: Kien Le (9)

(Right) U-13 Grey Team - Record: 5-2

Team Members: Charlie Crosby, Sam Wilson, Chris Shopes, Steele Sorensen, Christian Orred, Wes Ely, Niccolo Petronio (Goalie), Parsa Hafezi, Soroush Mahdavi, Theo Kalfas, Kai Orred, Connor Dahl, Jimmy Dysart & Sam Allen

Results: 12-5 Win vs Ned Baumer, 8-7 Win vs Allied Gardens, 5-4 Loss vs Carmel Valley Gold, 9-1 Win vs Bud Kearns, 12-7 Win vs Bud Kearns, 9-7 Loss vs Swanson, 5-3 Win vs Tierrasanta

Notable Stats: Leading scorers: Sam Wilson (7), Wes Ely (4), Charlie Crosby (4); Leading assists: Soroush Mahdavi (6); Leading steals: Sam Wilson (7); Leading Saves: Niccolo Petronio (20)

U-17 Olders Team (not pictured) - Record: 3-2

Team Members: Yusuke Tsutsuzaki, Roman Nikolav, Bryan Chen, Cayden Orred, Akhil Perimbeti, Dylan Chmelka, Kien Le (Goalie), Josh Barforough, Spencer Crosby, Ryan Alexander & Jon Shopes

Results: 19-6 win vs Allied Gardens, 15-9 win vs Bud Kearns, 12-7 loss vs Allied Gardens, 6-5 win vs Swanson, 10-9 OT Loss vs Tierrasanta

Notable Stats: Leading scorers: Roman Nikolav (21), Akhil Perimbeti (13), Ryan Alexander (6); Leading assits: Roman Nikolav (10); Leading Steals: Roman Nikolav (24); Leading Saves: Kien Le (1