Carmel Valley Community Planning Board consolidates its district map


The Carmel Valley Community Planning Board voted to reduce the number of Carmel Valley residential district seats on the board, from 10 to six.

The new community district map combines Neighborhoods 3 and 7, encompassing the area north of Del Mar Heights Road from High Bluff Drive to Lansdale Drive. Neighborhoods 8 and 8a, south of SR-56, merge and Neighborhoods 2, 9 and 1 also combine. That brings together the office district area and communities south of Del Mar Heights and west of Carmel Canyon all the way out to residences around Townsgate Drive, east of El Camino Real.

This does not mean representatives in the joining districts will be removed from the board; the seats will rotate in and out naturally with the elections.

The two Pacific Highlands Ranch seats will remain as they are, and a vacant business seat will be deleted. A new seat representing the unrepresented communities known as “subarea II” off Via de la Valle will be added. Along with two investor seats, one developer seat and the remaining business seat, the board will have 13 total seats.

There are two vacancies on the board, as Neighborhood 1 representative Rick Newman is moving out of Carmel Valley, and Brian Brady has resigned from the investor seat, as he has left Kilroy Realty.