Carmel Valley Middle School student publishes collection of short stories

Amrita Vetticaden with her book, “MooMoo the Grass Hunter & Friends.” Photo/Kristina Houck
Amrita Vetticaden with her book, “MooMoo the Grass Hunter & Friends.” Photo/Kristina Houck

By Kristina Houck

While other kids are watching television or playing video games, Amrita Vetticaden is writing short stories. The Carmel Valley girl has been dreaming up characters and plots since she first learned to write.

“When I learned how to write, I started writing little short stories,” said Amrita, a seventh grader at Carmel Valley Middle School. “When I learned how to type, it was like a whole new world. There’s like 1,000 stories sitting inside the computer.”

Now 12 years old, Amrita is sharing her favorite tales in her self-published book, “MooMoo the Grass Hunter & Friends.” From heroic cows to goats in spaceships, the collection of short stories contains 88 pages of adventures. Using a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Amrita also illustrated the pictures.

“It’s mainly about animals doing heroic things such as climbing Mount Everest and saving the planet,” Amrita said.

Passionate about animals, most of Amrita’s short stories feature critters, big and small. Proceeds from the book will benefit the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, as well as UNESCO’s Programme for the Education of Children in Need.

“I really love animals,” said Amrita, who has a betta fish named Clowny. “I would like to help the animals that are without a home because they deserve homes. It’s not right for animals to be out there without any care.”

“MooMoo the Grass Hunter” is Amrita’s favorite story in the book. The last and longest piece is about heroic cows named MooMoo and Mooey McMooson. She started writing the tale when she was just 7 years old.

“Writing is just so fun,” she said. “There’s not any set thing that you have to do. For math, there’s only one right answer. For writing, you can do whatever you want. It’s limitless.”

When she’s not writing, Amrita likes to read, draw, swim and play violin. She recently earned her black belt in karate. Amrita also enjoys spending time with friends and family, including her 9-year-old sister Divya and her 7-year-old brother Vinay.

Already writing her second book, Amrita plans to be a physician and best-selling author. She also hopes to have her own farm.

“She’s always loved writing,” said Sonia Vetticaden, Amrita’s mother. “When I saw the book, tears came to my eyes. I know she’s happy with it and it makes me happy because it’s something that she really enjoys doing.”

“I’m delighted that she has this ability and she wants to put it to good use,” said Santosh Vetticaden, Amrita’s father. “I think it’s wonderful that she can spread happiness in the world by using her books as an instrument.”

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