Carmel Valley Middle School wins second place trophy at Southern California Science Olympiad State Tournament

For the second time in a row, Carmel Valley Middle School (CVMS) won the second place trophy at the Southern California State Science Olympiad Tournament on April 5. Carmel Valley students competed against 30 of the top teams from Southern California schools in 23 different science events. CVMS won three first place awards, including Boomilever, Entomology, Simple Machine; Seven second place awards, including Anatomy, Can’t Judge Powder, Crime Buster, Experimental Design, Heredity, Water Quality, Green Generation; and three third place awards, including Helicopters, Road Scholar, and Roller Coaster.

The CVMS Science Olympiad state team students worked really hard for the last five weeks, striving for the elusive first place against other strong schools, such as Muscatel. In doing so,  students put in enormous amounts of energy and extra hours for the competition. They studied up to 10 hours a day every day for the last five weeks. They even studied in the hotel they stayed in the night before the competition.

The coaches, consisting of engineers, scientists, and doctors, also played an important role in these successes. They spent hours of their own time finding resources, organizing field trips, and creating tests to teach the students important science concepts, lab experiments, and how to build engineering contraptions.  In addition, volunteers helped enormously with providing food, supplies, and moral support to the students on the competition day. Congratulations to everyone involved!

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