Carmel Valley office brings new rapid weight loss program to San Diego

By Claire Harlin

When Bonnie Walter hit menopause something else hit — weight gain.

“I got into my 50s and I was eating well and doing everything and nothing was working,” she said. “It was like my body was working against me, like it was saying to me, ‘This is where I’m at and no matter what you do, this is where I’m going to be.’”

Living in Las Vegas a the time, Walter sought the advice of her former naturopath, Carol Anne Chaney Bouari, who had provided healthcare to Walter and her children for 16 years. Walter knew Bouari had taken a new path with her holistic practice that involved a weight loss program, and she decided to give Bouari’s program a shot.

“So many people said ‘Oh that’s the way it is when you hit menopause,’ and they give up, but I thought, ‘There’s got to be something.’”

Six weeks later and 25 pounds lighter, Walter — who had previously tried numerous diets and exercise routines — realized she found what she was looking for in Bouari’s program, which came to be known as the Bouari Clinic. It’s a combination of all-natural supplements that support fat burning and reduce hunger and cravings, specially-formulated B-12 supplements, and a healthy diet. The “supplements” are rolled into a liquid that is sprayed under the tongue.

Bouari was life-changing for Walter in more ways than one. Not only was she confident, healthier and more energetic, but she also found a new career path. Being such a strong believer in the system, she collaborated with Bouari and left her job in casino design sales in Las Vegas to move to San Diego and open two Bouari offices, one in Carmel Valley and one in Mission Valley. Her Carmel Valley office opened in August at 12707 High Bluff Drive, Suite 200, and she’s already got a clientele that’s seeing fast results.

“The best part of my job is seeing how happy people are when they come see me,” said Walter. “They say it’s like having a whole new body.”

The program requires that people make frequent visits to Walter’s office, about every seven to 10 days, so she can make health checks and check in on dieting methods. Clients on the program are advised to eat a diet of lean meats, low-sugar fruits and vegetables until they reach their ideal weight. At that point they, can add in carbs.

“You can eat plenty as long as it’s the right food,” she said. “The check-ups are a good way to keep people motivated.”

The natural herb blend Bouari came up with is formulated to get the body to release stored fat, which is often hard to do because it means going against the natural process of only tapping into fat when the body is starving.

“Naturally the body wants to keep that fat there for survival,” Walter said, adding that she sees both women and men have substantial results from the Bouari Clinic.

“One gentleman was on high blood pressure pills when he first came to me, but in two weeks he had lowered his blood pressure, was off the pills and he lost 17 pounds,” she said. “Naturally women are faced with weight problems because of how they are built, but so many men come in to get their bellies off, and I’ve seen those bellies come off fast.”

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