Carmel Valley planners ask city for stop sign at Worsch and Del Mar Trails

By Claire Harlin

The Carmel Valley Community Planning Board on July 26 voted unanimously to send a letter to District 1 Councilwoman Sherri Lightner urging the installation of a four-way stop sign and warning signs at the corner of Del Mar Trails Road and Worsch Drive.

The move is meant to ensure both vehicular and pedestrian safety, planners said.

Planning board member and Carmel Del Mar school parent Chris Moore said 98 signatures were collected from nearby residents in support of the sign, and many of those residents are parents who are concerned about their kids’ safety when crossing that intersection to get to Carmel Del Mar Elementary School. Several parents and a few children attended the meeting and held signs showing support for a stop sign.

Moore said in addition to the nearby school, there is also a blind curve near the intersection, which makes it very dangerous.

“It’s also a good spot to get people to slow down about midway through that lengthy stretch of Del Mar Trails,” Moore said.

Planning board member Anne Harvey asked the other board members if the board if they had explored other options besides a stop sign, and they said they had not.

“We always hear from the city that stop signs are for right of way, not for traffic calming,” she said.